Hearth - EP

by Flower Cult

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released August 15, 2014

Dave Fol & Chandler Young except for "Demure Lagoon" which features Ross Remidios as Bassist.



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Flower Cult

Flower Cult is an experimental rock group consisting of Chandler Young and Dave Fol.

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Track Name: Demure Lagoon
The walk was long into the cave.
You see the tide and hear the waves.
The water's clear, his face eagerly watches.
Your heart is tight, you know you really want this.

How are you drowning so soon?
Inside of this demure lagoon
He's extending his hand to you
But why hold whats already bloomed.

Its all the same, the water still reflects your face
Except this time your mouth is in a different shape.
The closer that you get the more excitement fades
And in its place, stillness remains.
Track Name: Reading in the Dark
As I stand a falling man,
These shaking hands from fears to transcend.
Eating my words bite by bite
And all through the night
We sang these lines.

None of this was planned x2
Through all the years that spanned
None of this was planned x2
Ill scream it through the land
That none of this was planned.

How'd you deny the axis you spin
and drown it all out with poisons of sin?
Fluorescent and clear, I see you now
But can you see me
since I'm so far down?

None of this was planned x2
Through all the years that spanned
None of this was planned x2
Ill scream it through the land
that none of this was planned
Track Name: The Cameras are Rolling the Blinds are Off
I know the what, but who?
I know the where, but who?
I know the why, but who?
I know the how, but who?
Track Name: Medusa
When I play with your hair, the smell reminds me of all the chances
that I have left in my fear, reaching backwards for that brief passion,
but when I close in, my heart collapses and I am static.
Medusa in chains, wont you drag me down?

I know that you don't care, but my doubts are changing, your eyes erase it and frozen by your stare, it turns me slowly a statue posing. Betray my conscious with lovely splendor and with the conflict never forget how i dragged you down

the first time that we met your hair was dark and on your chest I drew infinities I grabbed you by your eager neck and rushed into a violent tryst a loveless lie
you'll never forget the way I lusted after you

so know I fill your bed with broken chances - futile romances and replay in my head when you were beauty and I was stupid but then I turn back and see your serpents drag me in circles, bitter medusa, wont you drag me down?
Track Name: Tidal
Walking through your house will never be quite the same
It's wave of your aftershave now pierces me with pain

Like ghost I search the halls to try and reinvent
the memories of yesterday and the time we never spent

And I'm sorry I never saw you much
but what I'd give for one more touch
and I feel the weight of your soul each day
and I pray to god that it will stay

So I march on forward, regardless of this pain in my heart
As I look at your portrait, the distance doesn't seem to far

Words you say,
came and stayed
sung in song,
until I'm gone

And I'm sorry I never saw you much
But what id give for one more touch
Just close your eyes its over now
You've had your time now take your bow.

Ooohh, Take your bow.